Duke Energy Chemical Technician B in Owensville, Indiana

Title: Chemical Technician B Location: Indiana-Owensville-DE Busn Svcs-GibsonGenStn (WG760-500) Job Number: 140580

Under indirect supervision, to perform technical and specialized work of an intermediate grade of skill in connection with chemical analyses, and calculations related to the operating efficiency of power plant equipment; at time with the assistance of other employees, normally not more than one or two; under direct supervision, to assist employees of higher classification, and assist in performing other technical services. 1. Perform tests and record data within the laboratory, and assist in evaluating data and preparing reports relating to the results of tests and investigations. 2. Analyze routine data taken from conductivity recorders, Ph recorders, analyzer recorders, chemical test results, flow charts, temperature recorders, etc., as needed in order to maintain proper cycle chemistry. 3. Perform chemical studies, including laboratory analysis, operate and maintain precision equipment affecting the maintenance of testing standards; prepare and standardize chemical reagents and perform related calculations to give meaning to test data. 4. Perform the testing of chemical concentrations; adjusting valves and pumps necessary to maintain proper system chemical control. Repair and maintain chemical pumps, lines and chlorinator. 5. Inspect, test adjust, repair and calibrate the less complicated types of equipment, instruments and analyzers relating to water analysis and water treatment systems, used in the laboratory and station which does not involve special electronics abilities. Perform environmental tests as assigned. 6. Assist in making inspections of plant equipment to determine conditions such as wear, corrosion, and deposits. Make routine chemical tests as called for by the inspections. 7. Conduct pulverizer coal fineness test, coal grindability tests, and other associate fuel analyses. 8. Use hand and power tools required in the work. 9. Maintain equipment, tools, and work areas in a clean and orderly condition; work with other employees in cleaning equipment, tools, and work areas after completion of the job. Continuously observe Company safety rules and practices, check conditions of safety equipment, attend safety meetings, participate in artificial respiration practice as required and become familiar with safety annuals, rules, and special procedures prescribed by the Company. 10. Report irregularities and abnormal conditions when detected. Prepare and maintain proper records required. 11. Operate Company vehicles as required. 12. Direct and train employees assigned to work with him; and perform other similar work. Qualifications: Basic/Required Qualifications: •Two-year associate degree in chemistry or equivalent; and in which case no practical experience shall be required other than that gained in acquiring such education (equivalent to approximately six months experience). OR Normally, one year or more of Company experience in related work within the chemistry field, supplemented by the completion of courses of applicable study, equivalent to one and one-half years of full-time study. •Must have a working knowledge of testing equipment associated with such work; must have sufficient chemistry background to add value and meaning to calculation for test results, reports, performance, and records; other laboratory procedures necessary for accurate results. •Must understand the fundamental principles involved in the combustion of fuel and the generation and utilization of steam. •Must be alert, resourceful, capable of carrying the responsibilities involved in the work, and be able to make quick and correct decisions in emergencies. •Must be able to receive and transmit orders and instructions in a manner that will obtain cooperation and satisfactory work results from men assigned to work with him. Job: Operations